Volume 68, Issue 5, May 2015

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Contributing to Prevailing Practices  | 
Pravin Rathi 7-8
Total views: 203

Medi News

Medi News  | 
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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Complicated Acute Cholecystitis : Risk Factors and Outcome  | 
P. S. Nain, K. Singh, H. Matta, A. Bansal 25-29
Total views: 493
Malarial Hepatopathy-Experience at Tertiary Care Centre of North India  | 
P. Malhotra, N. Malhotra, V. Malhotra, A. Chugh, A. Chaturvedi, H. Dahiya, Dhananjay 29-30
Total views: 396
Preference Trends for Antispasmodics Among Indian Healthcare Professionals: Results of a Cross Sectional Survey  | 
M. Gabhane, L. Braganza 32-37
Total views: 502

Medi Quiz

Medi Quiz  | 
Monika Maheshwari, Swapnil, Sanjiv Maheshwari 39-39
Total views: 229
Dapsone Hypersensitivity Syndrome a Case Report  | 
A. G. Diwan, Amit Jain, Rutuja Sachdeo 40-42
Total views: 234
Persistent Pain at Mini Laparotomy Tubal Ligation Scar-A Nightmare for Patient  | 
S. R. Singhal, S. K. Singhal 43-44
Total views: 382

Case Report

Renal Dysfunction Secondary to Tuberculosis: A Case Report  | 
Z. A. Virani, P. Rajput, R. Dholu, N. B. Patil 45-47
Total views: 190
An Interesting Case of Duodenal Perforation With Penetrating Hepatic Injury by an Ingested 17 cm Long Neem Stick  | 
M. Gadahire, P. R. Rao, S. Mayekar, M. Joshi, P. Kadam 48-49
Total views: 197
Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction After an Electric Shock: A Rare Presentation  | 
A. A. Rajbhoj, A. Thopte, D. Giri, A. Tyagi 51-53
Total views: 410
Mucinous cystadenoma of the appendix: A Case Report  | 
A. Bhambri, A. Malhotra, R. Jhobta, A. Kaundal, A. K. Pandey, K. Bhambri, A. Juneja 54-57
Total views: 366

Review Article

Nasal Congestion: A Clinical Review of a Common Entity  | 
K. D. Shah, T. A. Lohiya, N. D. Moulik 59-63
Total views: 437

Medi Matters

Medi Matters  | 
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Ayush  | 
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Nutraceuticals  | 
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Medi Events

Medi Events  | 
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