Volume 68, Issue 8 August 2015

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Relevance of Clinical Neurology in Modern Management of Ischaemic Stroke  | 
Pratap Sanchetee 7-8
Total views: 170

Medi News

Medi News  | 
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Original Articles

A Comparative Study of Clinical Scoring System of Cerebrovascular Accident with CT Scan  | 
R. P. Pandey, A. Pandey, M. Indurkar 23-30
Total views: 523
A Cross-sectional, Multi-Centric, Non-Interventional Study to Understand the Management Practices of Major Depressive Disorder in India (DMI: Depression Management in India)  | 
S. Newale, K. Patel, T. Fegade 31-39
Total views: 246
Antiphospholipid Antibody and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  | 
D. A. M. Shanthala, S. Sitalakshmi, K. R. Rameshkumar 40-43
Total views: 191
Menstrual Pattern and Common Menstrual Abnormalities in the High School Girls in Underdeveloped District (Rewa) of Madhya Pradesh: a Cross Sectional Study in School Girls at Central India  | 
A. Singh, P. Singh, P. Indurkar, R. Chanda, K. Dukhu 43-48
Total views: 295

Case Report

Acute Flaccid Motor Paralysis Induced by Hyperkalemia  | 
P. Pradeep, S. Kannoth 49-50
Total views: 202
Rosai Dorfman Disease  | 
V. Chaudhary, A. Khamkar, M. Tiwari, A. Suryawanshi 51-53
Total views: 386
Ayurvedic Therapy in Migraine with Anutaila Nasya and Pathya a Remission for Twenty Weeks  | 
K. Dhuri, A. Vaidya 54-58
Total views: 267
Plexiform Neurofibromatosis a Surgical Answer for Management  | 
A. N. Dange, N. N. Chate, S. Gireboinwad, S. V. Parab, A. Aiwale 59-60
Total views: 185

Medi Quiz

Medi Quiz  | 
Z. A. Virani, A. R. Virani, S. Z. Virani, R. Dholu 62-62
Total views: 167

Review Article

Depression in Young Adolescents  | 
V. Kulhalli 63-65
Total views: 407
Acute Ischaemic Stroke Care in Developing Countries  | 
P. Sanchetee 66-74
Total views: 187

Medi Matters

Medi Matters  | 
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Ayush  | 
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Nutraceuticals  | 
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Medi Events

Medi Events  | 
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