Volume 68, Issue 12, December 2015

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Vitamin D Deficiency: A Public Health Challenge  | 
Rama Vaidya 7-8
Total views: 160

Medi News

Medi News  | 
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Original Article

Digital Uterine Evacuation - Revisited' - for Religious Reasons as first Line Therapy for Incomplete Abortion  | 
S. R. Singhal, S. Katyal 25-27
Total views: 161
Disconnect in Food Safety Practices in Rural Households: Personal Hygiene and its Impact on Hand Cleanliness and Prevalence of Diarrhoea  | 
N. Joshi, S. Ray 28-30
Total views: 141
Still Fighting against Tropical Diseases in the 21st Century! Dengue - A Concern during Pregnancy Especially in Working Women  | 
S. K. Juneja, P. Tandon, R. Mahajan, A. Singh, S. Kaushal 31-34
Total views: 167

Case Report

Chronic Mesenteric Ischaemia Due to Diffuse Atherosclerosis  | 
P. Malhotra, N. Malhotra, V. Malhotra, A. Chugh, A. Chaturvedi, P. Chandrika 37-38
Total views: 157
Acne:A Case Study and Review of Literature  | 
S. Gwalia 39-42
Total views: 188
Trichosporon Beigelli Infection a Child with Congenital Extrophy Bladder  | 
B. Samal, K. Bisure, J. Shastri 43-44
Total views: 158

Medi Quiz

Medi Quiz  | 
Z. A. Virani, R. Dholu, J. Kolhi, H. Vora, B. V. Shah 45-45
Total views: 138
Cryptomenorrhoea Presenting as Acute Abdomen in a Young Girl:A Case Report  | 
R. Wani, R. Jalvee 46-49
Total views: 145

Review Article

Study of Effect of Two Dosage Regimens of Vitamin D in Obese, Vitamin-d Insufficient Adults  | 
S. V. Dange, S. H. Patil 50-54
Total views: 209
The Mid-Day Meal Scheme: A Safety Net for Children  | 
S. A. Udipi 55-60
Total views: 454

Book Review

Our Kid Eats Everything!  | 
Gillian D’Souza 61-61
Total views: 136

Medi Matters

Medi Matters  | 
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Ayush  | 
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Nutraceuticals  | 
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Medi Events

Events  | 
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