Volume 69, Issue 3, March 2016

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A Periodic Surge of Acute Febrile Illness in Mumbai  | 
Nivedita Moulick, Anita Mathew-Davis 7-7
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Medi News

Medi News  | 
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Doctor Profile

Soukya - Dr Mathai’s International Holistic Health Centre  | 
Smita Wadher 23-25
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Original Articles

Novel, Nanoparticle Based Liquid Oral Formulation of Vitamin D3 for Managing Vitamin-D Deficiency: a Survey of Doctor's Preferences and Practices in India  | 
A. Gangadhar 26-31
Total views: 431
Frequency, Preferences and Prescribing Pattern of Antihypertensive Drugs in Out-Patient Department of a Tertiary Care SGM Hospital, Rewa District of Madhya Pradesh, India  | 
Prabhakar Singh, Keshav Singh, Roshani Shrivastava, Vivek Pandey, Amita Singh, Bhupendra Raj 32-39
Total views: 283
Pulse, Blood Pressure, Facial Appearance and Personality of Patients with Duodenal Ulcer  | 
S. K. Samal, Sucharita Samal, K. K. Samal 40-43
Total views: 210
A Study of the Clinical Profile and Pattern of Acute Febrile Illness in a Teaching Hospital in Central Mumbai  | 
A. Barua, M. E. Yeolekar 44-47
Total views: 402
Jeevan Rekha: Combating Hepatitis C in Haryana  | 
P. Malhotra, I. Singh, V. Malhotra, N. Malhotra 48-51
Total views: 234

Case Report

Lipoblastoma - a Rare Paediatric Tumour - a Report of Two Cases  | 
N. K. Majethia, M. Khare, Dhahake, A. D. Kalgutkar 52-55
Total views: 168
A Therapeutic Response to Innovative Medifumes in Acute Tonsillitis and Lymphadenitis: Inspired by Ayurvedic Dhoopana Vidhi  | 
Narendra Gujarathi, Mamta Lele-Pawara, Ashok D. B. Vaidya 57-60
Total views: 250

Review Article

Lumbar Disc Herniation: Evidence-based Guidelines-a Review  | 
Michael Luchtmann, Raimund Firsching 61-66
Total views: 476

Medi Quiz

Multiple Disseminated Cysticercosis-Uncommon Manifestation of Common Disease  | 
P. Nigam, S. Jain, B. Singh, S. Valame, P. K. Baghel 68-70
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Medi Matters

Medi Matters  | 
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Ayush  | 
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Medi Events

Medi Events  | 
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