Volume 69, Issue 4, April 2016

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Highs and Lows of High Altitude Medicine  | 
Roda Dalal 7-8
Total views: 186

Medi News

Medi News  | 
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Case Study

Scar Endometriosis-Report of Seven Cases  | 
V. Malhotra, P. Bhugra, M. Chauhan, S. Nanda, P. Malhotra 23-26
Total views: 177

Original Articles

Clinical Study of Hypertension in Young Adults  | 
S. Barsode, A. Diwan, S. Chaudhary, A. Vora 28-32
Total views: 420
Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Mesh Repair for Recurrent Inguinal Hernia: a Two Year Experience  | 
E. R. Momin, A. S. Upadhye, M. M. Kamat, S. D. Vora, S. S. Sanjanwala 33-34
Total views: 184
Evaluation of Cardiac Dysfunctions in Patients with HIV  | 
K. V. Naik, R. N. Padhiyar, S. Chavan, N. D. Moulick 37-40
Total views: 217
High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema: An Observational Study  | 
A. Tyagi 41-47
Total views: 232


Interview with Preeti Desai, an Avid Mountain Trekker  | 
Total views: 199

Review Article

High Altitude Medicine on Himalayan Treks and Expeditions  | 
R. Godbole, S. Jadhav 50-58
Total views: 196
Adverse Effects of Inhalational Corticosteroids in Oral Cavity: Role of Attending Physician and Periodontist  | 
R. Singh, A. Khanna, A. Batta, S. Platia, A. S. Parihar, R. S. Bhatia 59-62
Total views: 413
Neurological Rehabilitation in Urban India Versus Rural India  | 
P. Bajaj, A. Contractor 63-65
Total views: 226

Medi Matters

Medi Matters  | 
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Ayush  | 
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Nutraceuticals  | 
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Medi Events

Medi Events  | 
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