Over the years, advertisements in The Indian Practitioner have helped pharma companies, medical establishments and medical devices manufacturers consolidate their marketing efforts and increase their businesses significantly. These advertisements have also been instrumental in facilitating marketing arrangements, technical tie-ups and collaborations.

Your Advertising - An Investment

Your advertisements and promotion in the The Indian Practitioner gives you excellent marketing and sales returns:
  • The Indian Practitioner with its undiluted target audience of the entire medical profession, provides qualitative and effective exposure to your product/service messages appearing in excellent editorial environment!
  • The journal’s long shelf-life ensures greater mileage, reaping rich dividends for your investment!
  • Obtain additional mileage due to re-exposure of your advertisements!
Indian practitioner has very competitive Advt rates!!!

  • Circulation Western region : 37% (Maharashtra & Gujarat)
  • Southern Region : 23% Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala)
  • Eastern Region : 19% (West Bengal, Orissa, Assam etc)
  • Northern Region : 21% (UP, Bihar, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan etc)